Melchior Productions LTD

Saturday, March 11, 2017

  • Thomas Melchior ( Perlon, Playhouse | Berlin )
  • Navbox ( Flash | DC )
  • Jubilee ( Slope Traxx, Playlist | DC )

  • Green Room: Uptown House Experience
  • Joe L. ( ELM | DC )
  • Trev-Ski ( MoDERN CLASS | DC )
  • Boss Ross (BaltoTroit | DC )
  • DJ Nav ( U.H.E. | DC )

  • Flash Bar: Nick Flynn & Co.
  • Jericho ( DC )
  • PerShan ( DC )
  • DJ Swink ( DC )
  • Nick Flynn ( DC )

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Thomas Melchior

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Melchior first made a name for himself in the beginning of the 90’s releasing on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex label as part of electronica duo Vulva, and later as Yoni on Move D’s Source Records. Protegee of techno legend Baby Ford, Melchior and Ford release as Sunpeople, Soul Capsul,(part of the Ifach Collective), and M-Core (initially only on Trelik and Ifach later on his own label Aspect Music). As Melchior Productions , Thomas became one of the pillars of the minimal house movement on Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r, Smallville, Cadenza, LoMidHigh Organic etc... Ex-resident dj at Ibiza’s Ccircoloco at DC 10 and member of Villalobos’ Narod Niki, Melchior's work also includes collaborations with Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Bruno Pronsato, Zip, and Fumiya Tanaka. He remains one of the underground's true visionaries.