Vices DC: Xmas Edition

Thursday, December 22, 2016

  • DJ Freeez
  • Dreamcast
  • Spicoli
  • Tastefaker
  • Free before 11PM w/ RSVP here

  • Green Room: Preview Happy Hour 6-9PM
  • Lael Bellotti
  • Christauff
  • Jon_MFD

Flash Nightclub


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The only rule is that there are no rules.


VICES, a spin-off of DC's genre-melding Trillectro Music Festival, is a no holds barred dance party featuring some of the (tr)illest party rockers from across the country curating high energy vibes. Think Young Thug meets Disclosure. VICES creates a space where all colors and creeds can rock together for night without inhibition. VICES shows love to anyone pushing the culture forward, so if a fire song dropped this week, you'll hear it here. You also never know who may pop up for a surprise performance or guest DJ set.


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a portmanteau of “trill” (meaning “authentic” in hip-hop circles) and “electro” (short for “electronic”), trillectro embodies the festival’s credo. though hip-hop and electronic music may bring to mind separate, distinct experiences, trillectro is the sweet spot where cultures converge.