Job Jobse & Young Marco/ Julie Marghilano

Friday, December 2, 2016

  • Job Jobse ( Life and Death | Amsterdam )
  • Young Marco ( Rush Hour | Amsterdam )
  • Throe ( Bodyfeel | DC )

  • Roof:
  • Julie Marghilano ( Sol Asylum | Berlin )
  • Navbox ( Stranger Than Paradise )

  • Bar: Audio Zen
  • Alex Gardel ( Audio Zen )
  • Graham Hatke ( 4 Hrs of Funk )
  • Trev-Ski ( MODERN CLASS )

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Two of Amsterdam's finest join us for an evening of left-of-center house and dirty disco. Job Jobse has a pedigree of unrivaled strength, first behind the scenes at Innervisions, then booking at the late Trouw Amsterdam and presently as manager of Life and Death. Young Marco personifies the spirit of Amsterdam, with his chunky house selections and disco-inflected stompers coming on labels like Dekmantel and Rush Hour. Bodyfeel DJ Throe gets busy early with his characteristically melodic and bouncy selections. Sol Asylum founder and Las Vegas native, Julie Marghilano, joins our own Navbox on the roof.

Job Jobse

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Some people have no doubt about it: being a DJ is all they want to do. After learning the ropes at Amsterdam's legendary club 11, Job began his adventure into electronic music with an internship at the renowned Innervisions label in Berlin. After moving back to Amsterdam to work as the booker of Trouw, things went uphill very fast. Job currently holds his own successful residency at the famous club – Drukpers, the first party ever held at the venue – and is also active as the label manager for the popular Life and Death label. With all Job has achieved so far and a current heavy touring schedule, including appearances spanning from Burning Man to Panorama Bar, one can only wonder where he will go next.

Young Marco

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Amsterdam native DJ, producer and certified dude Young Marco has been on the forefront of the city's bustling underground scene for nearly a decade. Coming up through several, now infamous residencies, he quickly gained notoriety for his genre-defying and ballsy DJ sets with a unique take on dance music, playing everything from lost proto-house and raw jaktrax to Libyan disco anthems.

Having being schooled by Amsterdam's finest working day to day for Rush Hour, 2012 was the year Marco's reputation reached further afield with just a couple of killer EPs, leaving his name on the tip of most DJs' tongues. After releasing several records on Rush Hour he soon found a home on our previous guest's and one of our favourite DJ's label, Lovefingers' ESP Institute, where he continues to craft his signature zonked out house sound filled with broken drum computers and uncool 90's new-age synthesizers - in a world of it's own, which people are associating with the NYC cult label.

His releases are already becoming sought after collectables with the likes of Dixon and James Murphy dropping "Darwin In Bahia" (Click below) famously at Boiler Room, soughting out many a curious listener. His growing number of remixes range from fellow ESP heads Soft Rocks and Michael Ozone to Afro legend Francis Bebey with many more in the pipeline. Latest singles Later Than U Think / Video Days have already established themselves as top tunes of 2012. Young Marco is currently busy touring and writing with 2013 set for more singles and remixes, a live show and his long awaited debut album on the ESP Institute.

Julie Marghilano

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Despite not being a native to the city, Julie Marghilano has done that most difficult of things: she has made a name for herself as one of Berlin’s most cherished creative souls. As a broadly informed DJ, truly experimental house producer and taste making label boss who, with friend Jools, has built a compact and bijou empire around her Sol Asylum label and party, Julie is very much defining the modern house and techno landscape.

Julie has been on this path since a young age: born to a jazz musician father and vocalist mother, she was always surrounded by bee bop and swing, and thus was being infused with an infallible sense of unconventional rhythm at an early age. It lends her emotive house and techno, which comes on her own label as well as Tzinah, Hypertone and Little Helper, an intimate and soul warming characteristic that is hugely personal thanks to the subtle involvement of her own violin.

With a new live show in the works, more EPs being made and the continuation of Sol Asylum’s regular parties at Berlin’s cherished Club der Visionaere/Hoppetosse, Julie’s musical journey is making for an exciting ride.