Sunday Love: Binh

Sunday, March 26, 2017


  • Binh ( Cabaret Recordings, C.D.V. | Berlin )
  • Jubilee ( Slope Traxx, Playlist | DC )
  • Mazi R ( Flash | DC )
  • Jus Nowhere ( Rush Plus | DC )

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Binh has long been central to the Berlin underground. In 2007 he landed a residency at Club der Visionaere, and has only seen his stock rise since with releases through revered labels like Perlon and Paris' Concrete. His productions and sets alike combine a sleek techno minimalism with a darker, grittier electro-indebted edge, resulting in some of the most provocative work in the world of the underground today. We are honored to host him in our Green Room as part of Sunday Love.


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In a relatively short time, the name Binh has become almost synonymous with the sounds of modern underground Berlin. But it was the training the Düsseldorf native received throughout the country that allowed him to hone tastes and skills before arriving in the capital to claim a stake in its bustling music scene.The years leading up to 2007 were characterized by a series of breakthroughs and successful residencies at parties like the popular Heimatmelodie at Hotel Shanghai in Essen, as well as at Neuss’ Tribehouse, where he surprised and pleased on a regular basis. He would soon become a recurring name in Ratinger’s Blauer See Festival, playing there three years in a row (2008 to 2010) and well after moving away from Düsseldorf.And then came Berlin, where Binh was able to quickly stand out from among the masses. All this thanks to an extremely particular taste in music and sets overflowing with deep house and techno of the most refined variety, defined by subtlety and sprinkled with the delightfully unexpected. He began his residency at the iconic Club der Visionaere in 2007 and has been wooing the crowds ever since at his bi-monthly event, Noon, alongside many a well-known artist of his choosing.2011 saw his first performances at legendary venues such as Panorama and Paris’ Rex club, as well as the popular Concrete in the French capital and various gigs in Ibiza, including the Next Wave parties. The following year was also one of growth, with sessions all around Europe, including Amsterdam’s ADE festival and Techno Gipsy in Moscow. And 2013 holds nothing but promise, with another pivotal moment in Binh’s career – his first release on the new Concrete Music imprint with his track H. ufer: a sharp, solid piece of work and a product of obvious perfectionism, described by many as a high point in the three-part various artists release.One would be hard-pressed to find an artist with as elegant a taste and as solid a work ethic as Binh, and it is indeed a victory for the music scene when hard work and a loyalty to one’s own style are rewarded with the popularity this artist gains more and more each day.

Mazi R

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Mazi Bear

Jus Nowhere

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Jus Nowhere is the pseudonym for the Washington DC based Justin Nouhra, an up-and-coming producer/DJ in the east-coast house scene. Taking influences from everything from hardcore to reggae to jazz, Jus has crafted a unique blend of house with equal parts funk, hip-hop, and bass. Tested on the dancefloors of the Nation's Capital, he is ready to expand to a world-wide audience. With releases on Definition:Music, Underground Source, and Silence in Metropolis, 2014 promises to be the year to make that happen.