FOCUS: Dustin Zahn & Gaetano Parisio

Friday, January 20, 2017

  • Dustin Zahn ( Enemy Records, Drumcode | US )
  • Gaetano Parisio ( Adagio, Conform, Southsoul | IT )
  • Oliver Caine ( RVA )

  • Green Room:
  • Hot Coffee ( Sticky Fingers )
  • Philip Goyette ( Flash, ESL )

  • Flashbar: Nick Flynn's BDay Bash
  • Nick Flynn b2b DJ Swink
  • Tim Glusko

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Gaetano Parisio is a pillar of the Napoli techno scene which gave birth to the monolithic talents of Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati. Napoli was a hotbed of creativity in the late 90's, cultivating a percussive and frenetic brand of techno that was exported by the likes of Zenit, Drumcode, and Parisio's own Conform imprint. Dustin Zahn is an American producer and head of Enemy Records. His studio output has also found a home on Adam Beyer's Drumcode label, four times to be exact. Too purist for the club kids, but not pure enough for the purists, Dustin Zahn is always one step ahead. Between these two, over 35 years of DJ experience can be counted.

Dustin Zahn

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The story behind Dustin Zahn is not a particularly unique or exciting one. There are no breakthrough moments or mentors who have taken him under their wing. But since 1998, his work has put his career on a slow and steady ascent. Along the way, Dustin has gained over 10 years of experience and unrivaled musical diversity as both a producer and a performer. This alone has earned him respect among techno and house legends, purists, and contemporary DJs. He now performs regularly around the world at some of the most reputable clubs and festivals along with some dodgy, sleazy warehouses and beach parties in-between. His DJ sets are much like his releases. “I like it dark enough for the boys, but groovy enough for the girls.” With a preference for marathon sets and his laid-back approach to life and music, he seamlessly traverses through various genres which creates a unique, hypnotic vibe that isn’t found among most DJs.As a producer, his releases on labels such as Drumcode, Rekids, and CLR have brought him international success. While Dustin’s original productions are something of the rare and special sort, it’s his remixes that have helped catapult him into the collections of DJs everywhere. As a remixer, he has done work for the likes of Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Green Velvet, Dubfire, Nic Fanciluli, Mark Broom, Joel Mull, and many other high profile acts. Despite his busy release schedule, he still finds time to own and operate Enemy Records. Founded in 2004, Enemy focuses on the same late-night hypnotic techno that you’ll often find in his DJ sets.

Gaetano Parisio

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Gaetano grew up in Naples at the foot of the Vesuvius. He began listening and buying records when he was 14 creating his own musical background from early age. Meeting Marco Carola encourages Gaetano to develop his own musical sound and to buy instruments and set up his own recording studio. In 1996 Gaetano produces his first record, in the same year, he appears on labels of great prestige beginning to be recognized for his particular sound. By the end of 1997 Gaetano creates his first project “Conform records”, the label grew up really quickly , until now, Gaetano has produced artists such as The Advent , Adam Beyer. Ben Sims, Rino Cerrone and Marco himself. In the late 98, he started his second label ART, where Gaetano could express 100% his own unique production style. 1999 sees the war of Kosovo and Gaetano, particularly shocked by the event, created a collaboration of major exponent in the Techno scene to bring to light a record whose profits were revolved to charity to the refuge children of disaster areas; Techcommunity for Kosovo involvied artists such as Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Surgeon, Adam Beyer, The Advent, Marco Carola, James Ruskin, Cari Lekebush and Ben Sims. In the late 1999 his solo project on Drumcode was considered by many magazines and artists as one of the best records of the year. As a DJ he already traveled the 4 continents , performing on three decks and exporting the unique sound of Naples in the ever expanding world of techno. In the end of the year 2000 the last project was born: Southsoul, a sort of crossover label between House and Techno. Gaetano is currently travelling the globe as a dj, working in studio and costantly focusing on new music and projects.