Flash NYE 2017: Brand New Day w/ Steve Bug, Delano Smith + more

Saturday, December 31, 2016

  • Steve Bug
  • Eddie Richards
  • Delano Smith
  • Patrice Scott
  • Matthew Dekay
  • No Regular Play
  • Sergio Santos
  • Jay Prouty
  • Jubilee
  • Navbox
  • Solomon Sanchez
  • Sarah Myers
  • Benoit Benoit
  • Mazi R
  • Dansman
  • Pacific Fur Company
  • Philip Goyette
  • Throe
  • DJ Meegs
  • Kochi
  • DJ Nav

Flash Nightclub

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By now you know how we get down on New Year's... A party so long we have to use military time to clearly convey its length. This year has been a bit tumultuous, but we look forward to proving life can't get us down and to a brand new day of hopes, ambitions, and boundless empathy in 2017. More than ever, this year promises world-class talent across the dance music spectrum to enrich the festivities.

Your ticket includes a wristband which guarantees entry to all 30 hours of party, a complimentary champagne toast at midnight, and memories enough to last a lifetime (or until you start sleepwalking).

Note: Extended bar service until 4AM all weekend. Bar re-opens at 8AM on MON Jan 2. Happy Hour 9AM-12PM on Jan 1.

Steve Bug

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A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising talent, Steve Bug is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador. Resident Advisor once called Steve Bug the “Gentleman of Techno” referring to his sense of duty and dependability as one of the world’s most renowned DJs and producers. The same professionalism that means he’s hardly ever missed a DJ gig is evident in his work as a composer, producer and owner of the Poker Flat Recordings label. Every step he takes is well considered, but always tempered with his own fine humour.Having grown up in Germany’s techno and acid-house heyday, Steve Bug’s love for a perfect groove is as apparent now as it was back then. His DJ skills and a keen, innovative ear led him not down the typical path of the early nineties trance and harder dance scene, but instead towards a fresher, hybrid sound–merging stripped deep house, tweaked out acid and more minimal forms of techno and electronic music.His international breakthrough was his fourth studio long player Sensual in 2002, which, followed by the essential Bugnology mix series along with high profile mix CDs for Cocoon, Fabric, Fuse and more, continued to rouse support for Steve’s in-demand DJ style, propelling his career to new heights.With annual label compilations, a variety of artist albums, and new concepts like the Forward to the Past series, Steve Bug continues to steadily develop Poker Flat. In recent years, he has taken the label further afield, with the Big Bluff event series stopping off in major cities worldwide and in hosting a label party with Boiler Room Berlin. In 2015, Steve made a welcome return to his 10-year-dormant Traffic Signs alias, began a fun vinyl-only project with Clé entitled Apes Go Bananas and also a Wax Only series on Poker Flat. The coming year will see him release on the label arm of famed Paris club Rex, and begin working towards a new album. After so long in business, it's a testament to Steve Bug's unwavering vision that the Poker Flat name remains at the cutting edge of dance music.

Eddie Richards

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It’s said that DJing is a job that needs no qualifications, but experience always shows. Eddie Richards, ‘Britain’s Godfather of house and techno’(Mixmag), embodies this like no-one else. While many of his peers have faded into irrelevance or bloated into mainstream mediocrity, Eddie has constantly remained at the forefront of cutting edge underground dance music, Often regarded as ‘the DJs DJ’, Eddie’s insatiable appetite for new music has meant he’s always one step ahead of the game, as his relentless schedule of gigs, remixes and original productions proves. The world of dance music may change with bewildering speed, but one thing remains constant: somewhere, Eddie Richards will be rocking the party.

Delano Smith

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Of the original crop of Detroit DJs, Delano Smith is now the last. Reflecting on house and techno without his influence would mean viewing a very different musical landscape. Coming up at a time when the world was just discovering the influence a DJ could have, Smith battled his way to the top in a tough scene full of talent. With the guidance of the late, great Ken Collier, his early sets fusing soul, disco and early electronic sounds would plant seeds in the minds of many of Detroit’s subsequent generations of house and techno. Those dancing to his sets in the late 70s and early 80s would go on to become dominant influences in first rave then global music culture. Now, the circle is closing as Delano stands shoulder to shoulder with artists he once educated. His story is long and intriguing, running parallel to many of the developments not just in music but society at large that have shaped our modern world. First taking to the decks in a time of liberation and discovery, the economic down turn of the mid 00s brought him back to the house and techno fray. Adapting to new music has not been difficult for Delano, he’s just done what he always has done, piece together perfectly programmed sets of timelessly grooving floor killers. Although techno post Belleville 3, UR is well documented, the scene that set the tone for them to emerge is less so. Honing his skills in the late 70s during what some have described as the Wild West or the Gold Rush, when the party culture we know now was making it’s first tentative steps, Delano Smith’s quality threshold is achingly high. In those early pioneering days one slip could have meant his livelihood. From this fiercely competitive world little exists to document it apart from its sole survivor now writing a brand new chapter in modern dance music. The road to return began amongst friends as weekend sessions at home turned into parties and then eventually gained international recognition. London label Third Ear picked up on a slowed down sound emanating from the D and the sound of the Detroit Beatdown crew, Delano, NormTalley and Mike ‘Agent X’ Clarke began to seep into Europe through the eponymous compilation series. The collection of tracks from the trio was well received and bookings came thick and Fast from Europe’s top clubs. Along with his own imprint Mixmode, Delano was drawing together all he needed to unleash fully on the global scene. The return was well and truly on. His early tours closed the decade treading a familiar axis between the US and Europe. A pivotal relationship with Berlin label Sushitech began in 2009 with a chance meeting with label head Yossi Amoyal, the setting Panorama Bar, a club that would later help define the pair. After a string of successful EPs, in 2012 the Odyssey LP exploded onto the collective consciousness of the house and techno world. It spawned singles played across the board and gave birth to a clutch of killer remixes. In 2014 his sophomore long player arrived. Loaded with dark and dubby material it was a curve ball to follow the hysteria that greeted his debut. Pressed only on limited edition vinyl it was a statement of intent, that just as when he was breaking through in Detroit, this would be done on his own terms. With a hardware live set, a return to his own Mixmode and appearances at the leading underground events becoming all the more numerous, the circle is nearly complete for this truly unique artist.

Patrice Scott

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Patrice Scott is one of Detroit’s top producers of deep house and techno music. Substance, quality, and diversity are the driving forces behind this artist who has touched the world by storm in the early stages of his career. P. Scott has a fascination and desire to be anything but the norm. This fascination began in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 13 while attending a neighborhood party by a local Detroit group who went by the name Sharevari. It was at this time that P. Scott received his first lesson and exposure to what was then called progressive music. From that point, more influence came from local area artists and disc jockeys such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and the Electrifying Mojo (Charles Johnson). Exposure to Chicago’s WBMX and WGCI, which featured artists and disc jockeys such as Chip E, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Larry Heard, also played a factor in shaping P. Scott’s musical direction. After purchasing his first set of turntables, P. Scott began to hone his DJ skills. He played at local venues throughout the city of Detroit with legends such as Ken Collier and Jeff Mills and hold a most notably weekly residency at the Amsterdam Lounge (Windsor, Ontario) under the promotional group Cybersoul T.Q.E. While continuing to develop as a DJ, P. Scott began to remix music using two cassette recorders, a drum machine and turntables. Although these remixes never made it out of his basement, this was the beginning of his evolution as a producer. In the following years he focused more and more on his studio production skills and his own label Sistrum Recordings. Sistrum Recordings imprint was launched in October of 2006. The first release “Atmospheric Emotions” received rave reviews from many far and abroad. Since, P. Scott’s releases have been charted by the likes of Levon Vincent, Efdemin, Lawrence, Fred P and many more. 2015 finally saw the release of his critically acclaimed debut album “Euphonium”, an outstanding collection of singular techno from one of the genre’s most distinctive and enigmatic voices. His vision for Sistrum is to continue to provide quality music for the masses and to never deviate from the bar: Do not be afraid to be different!

Matthew Dekay

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Matthew Dekay is a Berlin based, Dutch electronic music composer and DJ whose label All Day I Dream is responsible for pushing some of today’s most romantic, melancholic and emotional house music.With an international career spanning over more than a decade Matthew was first exposed to electronic music in the early 90’s listening to composers like Vangelis and Terry Riley at a young age. This paved the way for Matthew to grow up and become a classically trained musician with a strong fixation for synthesizers. Today, it is these two factors coupled with his never ending hunt for new technology that helped define his signature style of production.Matthew relocated to Berlin in 2009, which provided him with a fresh musical understanding and appreciation. Soon after, Lee Burridge came over from London to work in the studio and they finally finished their first collaborative success on Cecile Records, “Wongel” Next came “Out of Order” also released on Cecile and the pair continued to work together on the All Day I Dream concept with tracks “Gemini Spell”, “Fur Die Liebe” and “Holding On” all released on the label.Next up came their remixes for Ian Pooley’s track “Groove Me” followed by “Tubby” released on Lee Burridge’s second new label Get Weird and then the pair produced what was to be their most successful record to date on German label Innervisions. “Lost In A Moment” Also remixed by label owner Dixon it has become the name used by Innervisions for their global party series “Lost In A Moment”Matthew finished 2012 with a widely respected featured podcast in December on Resident Advisor “RA 342”In 2013 Matthew continued to release music with his remix of Active Child’s “Johnny Belinda” which he made free for a limited time downloadable on his Soundcloud page. He also launched his new project Fur Die Liebe and in March 2014 released his first FDL mix compilation.Also this year as well as continuing to tour the world Matthew signed a 3 track EP “Amity” to Mano Le Tough’s new label Maeve featuring the tracks “Fangtango” and Patience Please” both which have become hugely successful since the release in July.After completing a metamorphosis through many styles and sounds, Matthew is now where he feels the most comfortable in expressing his creativity, making beautiful music that touches the soul.

No Regular Play

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No Regular Play are a duo equally at home in the rehearsal rooms of Julliard as in the main room of Fabric. Emotive and unapologetically organic, their fluid approach unites more than a lifetime of influences. Their impressive live show, which features Paulus’ inimitable trumpet and vocals alongside DeBruyn’s masterful manipulation of the rhythm and soundscapes bridges the gap between the indie arena and the heartbeat of the dancefloor. Watch their set at Boiler Room Berlin. Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn met as 8 year olds growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, bonding over an early mutual love of hip-hop and jazz legends such as A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock. This deep-rooted connection allows them to understand each other in a rare and profound way. Paulus performed trumpet at local jazz clubs in his teenage years and went on to study jazz/classical at the Manhattan School of Music. Together they later traveled to Cuba’s Havana to study Afro-Cuban rhythm, music and culture. But the seeds of their evolution were really sewn in 2006 when they attended a Wolf + Lamb party in NYC that blew their minds. Thrown at the Marcy Hotel, a space featured in The Guardian newspaper it propelled DeBruyn to join Paulus in Brooklyn and begin experimenting with electronic music. They naturally formed a very close musical and personal relationship with Zev and Gadi of Wolf + Lamb and their first output, a deep and cerebral string of EPs, was released on the W+L label in 2008 alongside artists such as Soul Clap and Nicolas Jaar. No Regular Play became integral to the Wolf + Lamb family when they took up residence in the Marcy building, a melting pot for creative minds. This move allowed a more fluid approach to their productions and new collaborations were formed. Subsequent material from the duo has shown up on a slew of respected labels including No. 19 Music and Supplement Facts. Never to be tied to one breed or style, in 2012 they released the track “Rain (All Day)” on Cut Mistake Music, which was reconstructed and performed as a 25-minute piece by Paulus and his father for improvisation/ electronics with the Minnesota Orchestra. Greg Paulus has also released solo material on Double Standard Records and Wolf + Lamb, respectively. He has worked and toured with critically acclaimed indie band Beirut and, more recently, Matthew Dear’s live band over the past two years. The duo still watches over the infamous Marcy Hotel, and tour regularly performing their incredible live sets at some of the world’s most cutting-edge clubs. Fall 2012 saw the release of their debut album, “Endangered Species”, on Wolf + Lamb Records.

Sergio Santos

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Born in the USA, raised in Portugal, Sergio Santos has spent half his life between the cities of Oporto and Boston. Now, his current base, Los Angeles. Sergio Santos is a name in electronic music that has become synonymous with deep techno, dark disco, unique sounds and proper selections. Independently and in conjunction with S.E.C.T. Sergio has had a number of stellar releases, from the likes of labels like NYC’s Wolf & Lamb, Art Department’s No. 19 Music, Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership & Dirtybird, Get Physical, and Endless Flight. In addition to these releases, Sergio is responsible for launching the WeNo Music party in Boston with former music partner Tamer Malki (currently of Bedouin), premiering some of the biggest names in underground music to an eager fan base in the North East. Sergio now resides in Los Angeles, bringing new environmental inspiration to his music and playing out to many corners of the DTLA underground. He also has recently re-joined his Bostonian roots, releasing music on Boston based label Cenote Records, along side some other hometown heroes. Sergio also has played all over the world, notably including London, Ibiza, Tulum, New York, Miami, Detroit, SF, DC and many places in between both stateside and abroad. While Sergio’s musical voyage may have started years ago, it is far from over, as he is constantly contributing to East coast, West coast, and international underground projects.

Jay Prouty

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Jay Prouty is a fixture of the Boston underground.


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Born in Casa Blanca, Morocco, Jubilee understood the power of music at a young age. He watched as his father played old records and instruments such as the tarbouga, the aoud and the bandir. Arriving to the U.S. in 2001, Jubilee immediately took to the streets of Washington D.C. as a club promoter for Panorama. During this time, his interest in becoming a DJ grew while watching people like DJ Alex Kelly in 2001 hit the tables for six-hour sets. Noticeably inspired, he was soon handed the headphones and hit the ground running with innovative sounds inspired by his own unique and culturally infused sense of rhythm and beats.For Jubliee, now producing his own tracks, the medium of house music continues to evolve as an art form. He is dedicated to creating both a journey for his listeners as well as using music as a base for his own journey through the intricacies of life. His is known for his unmatchable creativity and his impenetrable work ethic. Yet, more than anything Jubliee is a product of the exclusive and ever growing house music scene in our nation's capital.Though based in Washington D.C., he travels routinely between cities such as New York, San Francisco , and more With pals Gabriel , Benoit , Navid Jubilee has put together successful events at established venues like D.C.’s WAREHOUSE/THE LOFT along with a regular residencies at NAPOLEON, and U ST MUSIC HALL . He has booked and played with global talents such as Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy , Deepak sharma , Seuil, till von sein, Kate Simko, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Ewan Pearson, Pantha du Prince, Nicolas Jaar and Nick Curly, just to name a few.In 2010, Jubilee launched his production career with the critically acclaimed release “Dopamine” for New York City based Hidden Recordings. Label owner Deepak Sharma recently stated: “Jubilee is definitely one to watch. For me, he is D.C.'s best DJ and producer. I was immediately drawn to the tracks he submitted to Hidden Recordings. His style is deep and bouncy in all the right ways." Sharma was so impressed with Jubilee’s work that he has him slated for a new EP in 2011 on Hidden . already seeing support from alexi delano, DVS1, alland byallo, someone else, derek marin, signal deluxe, stefano infusino, kane roth, subfractal, funk shuei, roman kramer to name a few .Jubilee’s previous work has also appeared on Mexico City’s Blaq Records and the esteemed Mo’s Ferry imprint.


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Navid Zahraie was born in Tehran.

Solomon Sanchez


Sarah Myers

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Sarah Myers is widely recognized in the world of dance music as both a DJ and Event Promoter.As co-founder and resident DJ of “Life”, Sarah has helped to establish one of Washington D.C.’s most esteemed parties -- now into its fourth year.As a DJ, Sarah has played alongside some of the major players in today’s underground movement such as Matt Tolfrey, Jozif, Gavin Herlihy, Till von Sein, Clockwork, and Lee Foss. Sarah also hosts Hooked, a monthly podcast aired on DE Radio and TunnelFM where she holds residencies. It's featured past guests: Inxec, Bella Sarris, Ben Ashton, Randall M, and Chad Andrew.

Benoit Benoit


Born in New York, growing up in Paris, Benoit couldn't get away from house if he tried. His first introduction to house was at the age 12, when one of his father's girlfriend's gave him a Giant Step Recordings compilation. From that moment on, he was fascinated by the grooves and began his exploration of all things that required a deeper sensibility. Going to clubs in Paris such as the Queen, L'enfer, Les Bains Douche, he understood that house was a very powerful tool. Going to clubs in New York such as Vinyl, Shelter, Sound Factory at an early age, he understood the roots of house and more than anything the uniting power and spiritual experience it can provide. In 2010, Benoit founded Deep Secrets in an attempt to share that experience with others.

Mazi R



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In terms of influence, Dansman began his electronic musical journey with the likes of DJ Tiesto (the “Magik” mix series) then moved on to such luminaries as the Chemical Brothers, before settling onto the bleeding edge of underground house and techno. Now, Dansman takes as much joy from listening to Top 40 Rap/R&B as he does listening to unreleased white-labels fresh from Bucharest, making him uniquely qualified to know what people want before they know themselves. A rising comet in the DC scene, Dansman has honed his skills for over six years, playing sold-out shows in shotgun bars for tens of people. His popular #BODYFEEL party series, founded with cohort and longtime platonic lover, Throe, blends an urban aesthetic with airy techno and has featured such artists as Bambounou, Girl Unit, Peverlist and Kowton, and the White Material crew. With a monthly residency at DC’s hottest underground club, Flash, Dansman improves his profile with every record played.

Pacific Fur Company

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Music party all the time

Philip Goyette

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Known for his eclectic ear and hard-to-beat-crate digging skills, Philip Goyette has built a solid foundation in his new base - Washington, D.C. Goyette is a native of Minneapolis and spent his youth braving the cold, stark winters with the warm sounds of bands like Broken Social Scene, early Interpol, and Bjork. It was this early love of music that would eventually grow into his passion for DJing and producing later on in life, but he took the path towards his eventual career slowly. Though he always knew his life would either take a political path or that he would become more involved in music, his move to the nation’s capitol and the infectious music scene there, cemented his choice to pursue music. Since moving here he has worked his way through nearly every club and bar on U Street and H street and has earned himself a weekly residency at the famed Eighteenth Street Lounge. His sound has grown from indie dance and rock to spinning deep house and tech.


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hroe is the moniker of Washington D.C. based DJ Peter Kaufmann. A long time dance music aficionado, his skills as a selector are supported by a curiosity and plain passion that ignores rigid genre boundaries. A brief run through of past shows confirms this fact. He has served as both headlining talent and as an opener for a diverse array of respected dance music names including Leon Vynehall, Mathias Kaden, George Fitzgerald, Till Von Sein, Bambounou, Jeremy Underground, Jacques Greene, Norm Talley, Pangaea, and many others. With a knack for moving seamlessly between house, techno, and disco, his sets are additionally characterized by free-flowing energy and an organic combination of classic, current, and progressive sounds. He plays regularly throughout the D.C. area, taking control of the decks at globally recognized venues like Flash, U Street Music Hall, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and the Velvet Lounge. In addition to his years of experience DJing, he is the co-founder of #BODYFEEL -- a monthly showcase that has spotlighted cutting edge local & international dance music talent since its inception in 2014. Throe is currently represented by DC based BFF Bookings.

DJ Meegs

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Meegs was first introduced to electronic music in the early 90’s when she attended her first “rave” at the Capital Ballroom in Washington DC. “Back then the staples were Scott Henry, Bad Boy Bill, Doc Martin, and Charles (gonna make you) Feelgood”, who came to be her “first” favorite dj. After moving to LA and meeting some local dj’s, she was invited to play percussion (congas, djembe) at various underground parties around Los Angeles. This spawned her career as a local promoter first, which led to dj’n and eventually hosting her own weekly parties ‘SPIN’, ‘XPRESSION’, ‘HAPPY HOUSE, HAPPY HOUR’ & ‘GET WELL SUNDAYS’ in LA. Keeping with her roots and traditional musicianship, Meegs is known for incorporating live music and dancing with her sets. Her organic, soulful sound invites live instrumentation where you can hear her preference for funk, latin, reggae & celtic beats fused with soul driven lyrics with emotional content. “My goal is to continue growing the HOUSE music community in DC & beyond, collaborate with other musicians, and attempt to make the Irish jig cool!” Meegs currently holds various residencies in DC, produces her own music & moving forward in the art of video-djing.


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DJ Kochi has devoted himself to spinning house music for more than a decade. His signature sound of funky style house with clean mixing and smooth transition has earned him many gigs and moved many souls on the dance floor. Today, DJ Kochi's music career continues to rise with co-hosting weekly radio shows on Sugar Shack Recordings and performing at many dance scene events. His playlist covers different house sub-genres. In the near future, Dj Kochi looks forward to spending more time remixing some of his favorite tracks and producing funky tunes of his own.

DJ Nav

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DJ Nav is a house and garage DJ and producer who has been making party goers groove and reach out for the baby powder for several years now. Recently coming through the ranks of the underground after playing gigs at U street music hall and Flash bar, he is garnering a well-deserved name for himself as a purveyor of no-nonsense dance music, for dancers. His taste is for the "the golden sound" of house dropping New York and Jersey house dubs, Chicago house jams as well as London garage. Preferring the physical nature and warmth of vinyl, you will find his bag is stocked with both vintage records as well as the latest underground house 12" releases. DJ Nav has himself been releasing successful dance music lately, forming a following with a string of underground releases on labels such as Brooklyn's Love Revolution, Made Fresh Daily, and Spanish imprint Traxx Underground. Nav has also curated an authentic house podcast called The Uptown House Experience, now on its 5th installment. Each podcast has a distinct flavor such as the deep disco of part 4 or the deep and techy sounds on his latest part 5. The cover art depicting locations around the DC area is also a nice touch.