Telefon Tel Aviv w/ Baikal

Friday, March 10, 2017

  • Telefon Tel Aviv ( BPitch/ Ghostly Int'l | LA )
  • Baikal ( maeve/ Innervisions | Berlin )
  • EDO ( Flash | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Team Zapata [All Nite Long]

  • Flashbar: Better Listen Sessions
  • Peter Croce ( Rocksteady Disco | Chicago )
  • Martín Miguel ( Better Listen Records | DC )
  • Heights ( Better Listen Sessions | DC )

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Telefon Tel Aviv burst on the international scene with their debut album, "Fahrenheit Fair Enough," in 2001. Originally released on Hefty, the seminal IDM record has been treated to a re-release on the much-loved Ghostly International. maeve's favorite son, Baikal returns with his tropical take on the bombastic, emotionally-charged tech house favored by the Innervisions crew. Two of DC's finest, Team Zapata cut it up on the roof, playing all night long, while Better Listen Sessions features in the Flash Bar with guest DJ Peter Croce.

Telefon Tel Aviv

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Telefon Tel Aviv is an experimental electronic duo formed in 1999 by two New Orleans high-school friends, Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper. Following years of playing in various local bands and learning the ropes of electronic music production, Eustis and Cooper wrote the demos for what would become Telefon Tel Aviv in 1999. After sending them to John Hughes III, who operated the Chicago-based Hefty Records, they were offered an album deal in January 2000. They spent the rest of that year writing their debut album, Fahrenheit Fair Enough, released in September 2001, as well as the soundtrack for the movie New Port South, written by Hughes’ brother James and released the same year.Shaped by a diverse set of influences that included British electronic music (Autechre, Aphex Twin, Jega) and Black American music (house, techno, bounce rap), Telefon Tel Aviv were the latest in a growing lineup of American musicians that sought to carve their own lane and add something meaningful to a growing international conversation about what the meeting point between hip-hop, soul, and electronic music could be. But while Eustis and Cooper emerged within a specific context that provided their continuing work with a solid foundation, they spent the next decade taking risks and grappling with the idea of what an electronic duo could be.

In 2004, they released their second LP, Map Of What Is Effortless, a bold attempt at solidifying the romantic elements of their debut into a modern r&b sound and featuring vocal contributions from Damon Aaron and Lindsay Anderson. Three years later, Hefty released a compilation of Telefon Tel Aviv remixes that included their take on Nine Inch Nails, Ammoncontact, Slicker, and Apparat among others.In 2009, ten years after they first began working together, the duo returned with Immolate Yourself, via Ellen Alien’s BPitch Control label. Darker and synth-driven, this third album took yet another dramatic left turn, this time towards a more unabashedly pop-minded sound.In between the German and U.S. release of Immolate, Charles Cooper passed away unexpectedly. Following Cooper’s death the Telefon Tel Aviv project went on hold. In 2014, Eustis released a solo album on Audraglint Recordings as Sons of Magdalene called Move To Pain.After years of self-doubt, Eustis decided to revive the Telefon Tel Aviv alias in 2016. This return coincides with a reissue of the debut album on Ghostly International and Eustis’ first live shows under the name, which began in the spring of 2016 with a North American tour alongside Moderat. New material under the Telefon Tel Aviv moniker is currently being written.


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The name Baikal comes from the words 'Bai Kyul', which translates as 'rich lake'. Lake Baikal is the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water, and at 1,642m, the deepest. It is also among the clearest of all lakes, and thought to be the world's oldest at 25 million years.Baikal resides in Berlin where he makes his very own style of electronic music; moving just as easy through the realms of house and of techno as an artist; and a dj. After a busy summer, fueled by the success of his Pelican’s Flight EP of last may, Baikal is now in the process of working on two different projects for Maeve, the label he co-founded alongside Mano Le Tough and The Drifter – both of which will see the light of day in the first half of 2017. Besides that, he has completed a remix for the artist Vaal on the label Afterlife which was released end October.Baikal's existence lies in the idea that the music itself, the abstract experience and the emotions it provokes should tell enough of a story to entertain.

Team Zapata

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Based out of the District of Corruption (Washington DC), Juan And Hugo are Team Zapata. Purveyors of house music since the late 90's. They began crate digging and collecting records to Dj at house parties which led to playing at clubs up and down the east coast and other parts oft he world. Eventually from djing they evolved to producing original tracks and remixing for other artists.Funky, disco, deep, tech, minimal, jackin. whatever you want to call it. We call it house. If its good and it makes you dance, we'll play it. nuff said! See you on the dance floor.