T.B. Arthur LiVE, Trus'me

Saturday, December 3, 2016

  • T.B. Arthur ( 312, Argot/Tasteful Nudes | Chicago )
  • Trus'me ( Prime Numbers | UK )
  • DJ lisa frank ( Flash, Roam | DC )

  • Greco ( cAHOOTS, nUrvous | NYC )
  • Wreal ( cAHOOTS | NYC )
  • Jackson Ryland ( cAHOOTS | DC )

  • BAR:
  • DJ Heather Femia DJ Meegs 

Flash Nightclub

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T.B. Arthur makes his DC debut on our freshly-tuned Funktion One system. Mr. Arthur's commitment to thudding, acidic techno is exemplary. His live set is quickly becoming the stuff of legend, lacking not in momentum nor drama. T.B. Arthur is joined by Prime Numbers boss Trus'me, in his fourth club appearance. With each turn, Trus'me shows us a new side of himself, be it harder, deeper or spacier. Up first is the always in-form DJ Lisa Frank to set your straight (or is it crooked?).

New York label and Grade-A USDA certified house music outlet Cahoots Records takes over the roof to celebrate their sixth compilation and seventh release. Label heads Wreal have invited NYC's Greco and Jackson Ryland to join them for the occasion. Two of DC's finest, DJ Heather Femia and djmeegs stretch out in the bar.

T.B. Arthur

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"The further you look into 'TB Arthur' the murkier it all becomes. Rather like the story of the mysterious 'Lewis' in a very different area of music, it all seems a bit too perfect. The over-amped analogue machines, the extraordinary psychedelic qualities of the music, the stories of dusty warehouses and hints of distant raves, the messages in run-out grooves like secret messages from times past: it’s all so perfectly designed to press the buttons of techno vinyl fetishists it can’t be real. Can it?" - Boiler Room


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With his love for music tracing way back to an early age by dabbling with various instruments and then moving on to develop a passion for record collecting, Trus’me found his calling after learning the art of mixing and sample digging. Surrounded by the heads of Manchester and its deep rooted music scene, one couldn’t deny that it was an effortless task to be exposed to good music from all genres, thus explaining his constantly evolving tastes as evident in his eclectic DJ sets as well as in his uniquely, diverse productions. “Like bookends some 12’s will work with both the beginning and the end of the night, such is the classy sampling from Trus’me” (Peter Nicholson, XLR8R).

The much reputed CD sampler “Nards” that was responsible for initialing releases on Chicago’s Still Music label, inevitably sparked off Trus’me’s promising musical career. Seeing support from respected names such as Ashley Beedle, Juan Atkins, Mad Matts, Gilles Peterson and Chez Damier plus his productions selling out at record stores from Manchester to Tokyo, led to the highly successful release of his debut album, “Working Nights”, on Fat City Recordings, that’s hailed by most to be a timeless album, still finding devotees to this day. Not one to rest on his laurels, the label Prime Numbers was set up and quickly gained an unfaltering reputation for highly collectable and exceptional music from artistes such as Move D, Actress, Linkwood, Fudge Fingas, Motorcity Drum Ensemble; all artistes that fit the ethos and style that Trus’me continues to carry a torch for.

In 2009, his highly anticipated follow-up album, “In The Red” that featured the likes of Chez, Damier, Amp Fiddler and Dam Funk further cemented his place in the House scene and set off a flurry remixes for acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Alton Miller, Anthony Shake Shakir and more, including non-stop touring to clubs and festivals alike in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, North America, South America and of course, in his backyard, the city of Manchester where it all began.