apert:re with Bella Sarris, Ada Kaleh

Friday, February 17, 2017

  • Bella Sarris ( Sydney )
  • Ada Kaleh  ( The Rabbit hole, Uvar | Romania )
  • JUBILEE ( Slope Traxx, Playlist | DC )

  • Flashbar:
  • PHILCO ( Good Buddies | DC )
  • Juan Zapata ( Brutal Disco | DC )


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Sydney native Bella Sarris got her start working PR for Richie Hawtin's ENTER. It wasn't long before she was tapped for a residency featuring regular stints at revered venues like Space in Ibiza. She has only further cemented her reputation as a must-watch DJ since, touring all across the globe to set dancefloors alight with a passion borne of her earliest days as a club rat. Ada Kaleh România, who has been releasing under a number of diverse aliases since 2006, makes his club debut. The Romanian native brings with him a penchant for organic, minimal sounds that mesmerize and enrapture the listener. Jubilee mo kicks things off with an opening set.

Bella Sarris

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It all happened really early. Bella was just 15 years old when, she jumped her first fence into an electronic music festival in her hometown Sydney. She just wanted to experience the music. Little did she know that this fierce curiosity would soon lead her to island hop all the way to an even bigger playground, Ibiza, specifically, Space Terrace. This is where she first felt the desire to be on the other side of the decks. This dance floor alone inspired a feeling of wanting to create an experience for people, just like the one she had. Not long after, she began to teach herself a new kind of self expression through mixing. Her fascination for the dance floor and hunger for musical experience has taken her around the globe, and taught her very quickly how to play with the big kids. With a two year residency at ENTER under her belt, she continues her education, constantly inspired by fellow artists and the dance floors they command. Being a student of her surroundings, her music continues to evolve with age and influence as she absorbs her musical experiences and strives to transmit the same energy in her sets. In a time where genres blur and overlap, her style of mixing has no rules or restrictions just like her. You cannot put Bella or her sound in a box. Each must have the freedom to roam far and wide. The web of grooves that she weaves, like her musical education is ever progressing. When she's not dancing, or on a plane or in an airport, she resides in Berlin where she spends her days digging, sculpting her mixes and beginning productions. Her decision to be part of a new, smaller, boutique agency stems from her desire to 'keep things tight'. Working closely with her friends allows independence and freedom of choice, and thus more control over her musical direction. She would rather grow and develop with a slightly dysfunctional but accepting family than be adopted into an already established one. Bella forges ahead in an limitless environment. Observing what she hears and how the crowd responds to it, she applies the same intensity in her music that she felt when she jumped that first fence.

Ada Kaleh

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Born in Casa Blanca, Morocco, Jubilee understood the power of music at a young age. He watched as his father played old records and instruments such as the tarbouga, the aoud and the bandir. Arriving to the U.S. in 2001, Jubilee immediately took to the streets of Washington D.C. as a club promoter for Panorama. During this time, his interest in becoming a DJ grew while watching people like DJ Alex Kelly in 2001 hit the tables for six-hour sets. Noticeably inspired, he was soon handed the headphones and hit the ground running with innovative sounds inspired by his own unique and culturally infused sense of rhythm and beats.For Jubliee, now producing his own tracks, the medium of house music continues to evolve as an art form. He is dedicated to creating both a journey for his listeners as well as using music as a base for his own journey through the intricacies of life. His is known for his unmatchable creativity and his impenetrable work ethic. Yet, more than anything Jubliee is a product of the exclusive and ever growing house music scene in our nation's capital.Though based in Washington D.C., he travels routinely between cities such as New York, San Francisco , and more With pals Gabriel , Benoit , Navid Jubilee has put together successful events at established venues like D.C.’s WAREHOUSE/THE LOFT along with a regular residencies at NAPOLEON, and U ST MUSIC HALL . He has booked and played with global talents such as Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy , Deepak sharma , Seuil, till von sein, Kate Simko, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Ewan Pearson, Pantha du Prince, Nicolas Jaar and Nick Curly, just to name a few.In 2010, Jubilee launched his production career with the critically acclaimed release “Dopamine” for New York City based Hidden Recordings. Label owner Deepak Sharma recently stated: “Jubilee is definitely one to watch. For me, he is D.C.'s best DJ and producer. I was immediately drawn to the tracks he submitted to Hidden Recordings. His style is deep and bouncy in all the right ways." Sharma was so impressed with Jubilee’s work that he has him slated for a new EP in 2011 on Hidden . already seeing support from alexi delano, DVS1, alland byallo, someone else, derek marin, signal deluxe, stefano infusino, kane roth, subfractal, funk shuei, roman kramer to name a few .Jubilee’s previous work has also appeared on Mexico City’s Blaq Records and the esteemed Mo’s Ferry imprint.