Saturday, March 25, 2017

  • jackLNDN
  • Kids Want Techno
  • Mr Wright

Flash Nightclub


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JackLNDN is a British disco producer with the ability to instantly capture the attention of anyone within listening range. The burgeoning artist spent his youth immersed in musical studies, training vigorously while perfecting his ability to sing, write music, and master instruments like piano and guitar. Now he translates these skills to unleashing visceral and cutting edge dance music upon the world, digger deeper into the craft he obsesses over with every waking moment. The 20-year old initially garnered traction by applying his Midas touch to songs from fellow electronic artists, successfully taking on Daft Punk, Porter Robinson, and a prize winning Cazzette remix while leaving behind a trail of blissful faces wherever his upbeat production ended up. In February he released his debut EP to massive praise from blogs (GottaDanceDirty, DancingAstronaut, The Untz, Thisongissick) and fans alike, proving he could make something from nothing with the best of them. The sky is undoubtedly the limit for LNDN, and it's only a matter of time before the whole world is chanting his name.