M.A.N.D.Y. [Philipp Jung], Cristoph

Saturday, April 1, 2017

  • M.A.N.D.Y. [PhiLipp Jung] ( Get Physical Music | Berlin )
  • Cristoph  ( Knee Deep In Sound | UK )
  • Mina ( Bogo | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Halloran  ( Kazbah | LA )
  • Katrina Mir ( BodyWerk | DC )
  • Sarah Myers ( Flash | DC )

  • Flash Bar:
  • Pacific Fur Company ( Natural Resources | DC )
  • Graham Hatke ( MOdERN Class | DC )

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M.A.N.D.Y. (Philipp Jung)

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There is an air of mystery shrouding the true meaning behind the acronym of M.A.N.D.Y., an alias which embodies the mutual talents of childhood friends Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer. The pair readily indulge this curiosity by toying with various clever possibilities, including Me AND You, but the truth is likely a giggle under each of their talented breaths. P and P have carved a unique niche in electronic music by consistently selecting productions that induce their audience into a somatic frenzy. On the platform of their aptly titled Get Physical label, M.A.N.D.Y. has achieved massive success in colluding to create music that simply makes bodies move. Their foot stamping, hair flying passion is the ultimate expression of a dance music phenomenon for many years.When M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade joined as musical soul mates with DJ T., first in Frankfurt, then in Berlin, Get Physical produced a caliber of electricity that rippled throughout the EDM community and into the relative mainstream. Philipp's charm and savvy, Patrick's allusive artistry, DJ T.'s killer entrepreneurial sense and Booka Shade's collaborative genius combined to form a masterpiece of intelligent design that reflects romantic sensibility and technical virtuosity. Together, they push the boundaries of dance music to compile an enviable arsenal of electro kissing house while caressing disco and flirting with techno. Body Language was the ubiquitous hit of 2005 and M.A.N.D.Y.'s Fabric Series three years later cemented their reputation as two of the most captivating selectors on the planet. One of their most recent prestige was a complication for Renaissance in 2009 which was met with tremendous accolades and described by Resident Advisor as "maturity, smarts, and cohesion...that is rare these days."Philipp and Patrick know exactly which buttons to press to make that bass jiggle up your spine and seduce your body free. Alongside many lives compadres Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. has taken some time from their hectic global tour schedule to devise new elaborations, culminating in the release of Body Language Vol. 10 in April 2011. In addition to a single release that will be the first Booka Shade vs. M.A.N.D.Y. cooperation to be heard in years, the boys have closed on a revolutionary touring show that utilizes infrared technology and a new mapping technique to project inverted video effects onto their Physical form as they perform. It is no doubt that their plans for this never before seen live visual component will conjure the kind of visceral excitement that only this duo can. In the feat of the imagination, M.A.N.D.Y. powers on through a perpetual rebirth into pulsating beats and pretty lights.


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Well versed in exploring his own musical roots Cristoph isn't really a new producer—he's always been producing, even when nobody was listening.Having now carved out a sound that is increasingly identifiable, the young producer avoids dance music's relentless march toward the new next thing by masterfully mediating through raw beats and textural trickery that gradually blurs the edges of genres; the focus on groove, mood and his typically intricate, hypnotic arrangements. It’s a common notion that artists must either be tragically ahead of their time or blissfully oblivious to it. Cristoph is keenly aware of this distinction and the gravelly warmth of his beats have allowed the Newcastle born producer to take welcome strides through labels such as Noir, Suara and Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound to become one of the most reliable yet exciting acts in the scene - upending every preconceived notion about what he should do next or succumbing to any single trend or genre. There's both agelessness and versatility to his studio output that gives his 4/4 house productions points of triangulation rather than direct references, or risk of evoking direct nostalgia. So once you get rid of any feeling that you might be listening to something reminiscent of another time— admittedly, a feeling fueled by the fact that the golden era of real house music in the UK is when he first cut his teeth as a DJ—it's confidently replaced by the impact of hearing a professional doing his thing on what seems like a continuously rising curve. Through remixes of Kaiserdisco, Jobe and the major label reworking of Elbow, Cristoph has established a high quality of consistency - peripheral details of melodic color and vocals are often pleasantly overwhelmed by the abstract throb of his ever-percussive, multi-tiered groove making him a turn to remixer for the dancefloor where his music stands on its own robust physicality.As a listener If you come looking for house in its most obvious form, this decision seems puzzling, but if you're prepared to forgive Cristoph's need to challenge expectations and genres and simply lose yourself in the groove, then its easy to discover his involving engaging talent. The inaugural edition of conceptual album series “8-track” that bears his name on Knee Deep In Sound may be set to confuse those still stuck in a world where house music and techno are separated by propped-up dividers but it will indeed only serve to showcase his strength as a producer.Now no stranger to the international club circuit, festival scene and record crates of his peers, 2016 is set to be a significantly prosperous year for him with key signings in the form of 'Genesis' EP to Adam Beyer’s Truesoul and 'Divvina' to VIVa MUSiC. As a producer and DJ fixated on integrity, with influence equal part Windy and Motor city, Cristoph uses nostalgia like a slingshot, pulling back to the past as a means to shoot forth into the future.


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Halloran is a recent addition to San Francisco's DJ community. His exploration in dance music first began with a mind blowing visit to Burning Man. Fresh perspectives both musically and spiritually naturally manifested into more exploration. His sensational experience moved into another trip, this time to South America where he witnessed the power of live music and latin culture for over a full year. Young Halloran returned to SF, where his journey led into underground music. It wasn't long before his passion within exploring led him to collecting music and djing, and shortly after his return he found himself behind the decks at his first underground gig. Thoughtful, joyful, groovy and heart-moving music flooded his sets and he soon became affiliated with The Kazbah crew. Halloran's goal in 2015 is simple, "keep playing music for people!"

Sarah Myers

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Sarah Myers is widely recognized in the world of dance music as both a DJ and Event Promoter.As co-founder and resident DJ of “Life”, Sarah has helped to establish one of Washington D.C.’s most esteemed parties -- now into its fourth year.As a DJ, Sarah has played alongside some of the major players in today’s underground movement such as Matt Tolfrey, Jozif, Gavin Herlihy, Till von Sein, Clockwork, and Lee Foss. Sarah also hosts Hooked, a monthly podcast aired on DE Radio and TunnelFM where she holds residencies. It's featured past guests: Inxec, Bella Sarris, Ben Ashton, Randall M, and Chad Andrew.