Back 2 Basics: David Morales, Sam "The Man" Burns; Silence in Metropolis Record Release Party

Saturday, April 8, 2017

  • David Morales  ( Def Mix | NYC )
  • Sam "The Man" Burns ( Underground Soul Selection | DC )

  • Green Room: Silence in Metropolis Record Release Party
  • DJ Aakmael ( Unxpozd, Free Range Records | DC )
  • DJ Nav ( Skylax, Pocket Money | DC )
  • Funkdamentalist ( Silence in Metropolis | DC )

  • Flash Bar:
  • DJ Freez ( Club Cuttlefish | DC )
  • Mike Petillo ( Protect-U, Future Times | DC )

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David Morales

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A native New Yorker, David Morales grew up during dance music’s most influential era and frequented its legendary clubs such as the Loft and the Paradise Garage. As a DJ, Morales honed his skills at New York City’s most popular clubs throughout the early 80s and then embarked on a remixing career. In the mid- 80’s – right when the art really started taking off - Morales teamed with Chicago house music legend Frankie Knuckles and For The Record DJ Pool founder/NYC nightlife impresario Judy Weinstein for the creation of Def Mix Productions to help manage remix requests and handle artist business affairs.David Morales has remixed and produced over 500 releases for artists including Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Whitney Houston, and Jamiroquai. Morales was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 1996 as a Producer on Mariah Carey’s album ‘Daydream’ for the song ‘Fantasy’. He was nominated again the following year and ultimately won the 1998 Grammy Award for “Remixer of the Year”. David Morales made his solo debut in 1993 with the release of “The Program” through Mercury Records. In 1998 Morales released “Needin’ U” on Definity Records which under license to Mercury in the UK soon became a #1 Dance Record and a bonafide club classic. In 2005 Ultra Records released Morales’ second artist album entitled ‘Two Worlds Collide’ followed up in 2011 with ”Changes”. David is considered by many to be one of the first true superstar DJ’s. Thanks to his remix/production work Morales was among the first DJs to actively tour the world. David is also known as one of the most versatile DJs currently on the scene. Whether it is playing alongside of the “Kings of House” with Louie Vega and Tony Humphries or representing his companyy Def Mix - with Hector Romero and Quentin Harris - Morales feels comfortable adapting to each situation. David Morales not only defines the superstar DJ, he is a talent that has so much more to give in a world that constantly changes.

Sam Burns

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Sam is our Larry, our Frankie, our Bus Station John. His Underground Soul Solution parties have been motivating DC's dance floor for almost 20 years, where everything from funk, disco, house and jungle erupted from the speakers. He regularly spun alongside the legendary DJ Genesis and he welcomed guests like Colonel Abrams, Bryan Gee (V Recordings) and Ultra Nate . When asked about his inspiration being the legendary house party that has become the seminal Underground Soul Solution, Sam said, "I started "The Underground Soul Solution" in (March) 1991 because I was disgusted with the club scene in Washington DC. I felt that most nightclubs were very superficial.....dress code, ladies nights, commercial radio music, fights and bogus promoters! I felt that these nightspots lacked vision and responsibility to making their parties different and special from the other parties...... No Love, No Respect in a nightclub? I find that disgusting! Instead of complaining, I became independent. I threw my own parties. I invited and challenged people from all walks of life......Young, Old, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian etc. to dance their troubles away through music. I been spinning records in Nightclubs since November 20th 1978, so to me "House Music" is "Disco's Revenge".