FOCUS: Drumcell w/ Romans AKA Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam LiVE

Friday, January 6, 2017

  • Drumcell ( Droid Behavior/ Dystopian | LA )
  • Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam AKA ROMANS
  • Rush Plus

  • Green Room: Better Listen Sessions
  • Ethyène ( Moonrise Hill Material | Lyon )
  • Martín Miguel ( Better Listen Records )
  • Heights ( Better Listen Records )

  • Flashbar:
  • Coyoti ( Freeform, Blackbird | LA )
  • Marko Peli ( PEX )

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Drumcell is the co-founder of the Droid Behavior series in LA, and resulting Droid Recordings imprint. The event series has hosted Jeff Mills, KMS and Surgeon, while the label has featured James Ruskin, Droid residents Audio Injection, Raíz and many more. Romans is the live hardware duo of Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam. Since 2014, the project has been an atmospheric, acid-etched outlet for the two established solo artists, with Romans' debut release coming on Tin Man's Global A, followed by one EP and one LP on The Bunker New York. Individually, Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam have released on such esteemed labels as Acid Test, L.I.E.S., Infrastructure New York, Delsin Records and Killekill. DC's finest, Rush Plus thaw the dance floor with a variety of techno selections.

Better Listen Records invites Lyon's Ethyène for Better Listen Sessions in the Green Room alongside label boss Martín Miguel and resident Heights. Freeform Arts Festival founder Coyoti keeps it heady in FlashBar alongside PEX regular Marko Peli.


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Drumcell was born as Moe Espinosa in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley. Far away from the glamour and glitter of Hollywood, he cut his teeth growing up in a vibrant, culturally diverse neighborhood that still breeds inspiration for his work. San Gabriel Valley is also where he and the Raíz brothers, Vangelis and Vidal, met and founded Droid Behavior in the early 2000s which lead to the infamous Interface warehouse series. A classically trained musician in his youth, Moe came to circulate around the Noise, Punk and Industrial scene, playing guitar and singing in various bands until he discovered the early ‘90s L.A. rave scene. That was when he got in touch with some of the heroic synthesizers of techno’s early years. His enthusiasm for those exciting, synthetic sounds lead to years in the studio for his day job at Native Instruments and for his own productions at his small home studio at night. When he handed out his first self-produced, self-pressed vinyls at the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, he heard them being played by some of the performing DJs the very next day onstage. From there, he was chuffed and ready to go all the way. Even though he has become one of the most popular Techno artists in the North American scene, you can still hear his Industrial and Noise roots in his work. His debut album “Sleep Complex” (released Summer 2013 on CLR) is characterized by a complete disregard for genre limitations and is everything but a conventional techno album. Drumcell is a science-fiction-loving technology geek with a Punk Rock soul – he has explored and discovered the analogue world as much as the digital world of music production, to finally combine them into his very own raw, suspenseful and hypnotic style. His addiction to analog synthesis leads to countless hours in his studio, ceaselessly experimenting and searching for new, mind-expanding sounds. Drumcell has played at numerous prestigious venues worldwide, from Berlin ́s techno mecca Berghain to the main stage of the Movement festival in Detroit. His label Droid Recordings and his own releases have captured the attention of many of the world’s top Techno jocks. From here, Drumcell is ready for a whole new chapter of what he is best at and what matters most to him in life – the manifestation of truthful emotions in futuristic sonic concepts.

Romans (Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam)

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For more than a decade, The Bunker New York has been a nexus point for the transnational techno community. A chance meeting at The Bunker in 2011 brought together Gunnar Haslam and Johannes Auvinen (also known as Tin Man), who became fast friends and collaborators soon after, conceiving a joint project called Romans. The Bunker New York is proud to present Romans’ Ambulare Aude, a collection of atmospheric acid techno tracks following the project’s debut on Auvinen’s own Global A in 2014.“The Roman theme opens a world to explore beyond both of our past endeavours,” says Auvinen, explaining the conceptual genesis of the collaboration. “In the same way Ennio Morricone may have conceived the ‘Spaghetti Western’ genre by fusing together various contemporary motifs and moods to conjure the spirit of a past era, we’re imagining stories and scenes from the Roman era, trying to manifest narratives while celebrating the distortions we see looking through the murky lens of time.” And while Morricone may be a conceptual reference point for Romans, their sound is anything but—instead offering up a pair of murky, psychedelic acid-etched cuts (Emona, Delmenium) buffered by a gradually unfolding up-tempo floor-burner (Coptos).The record is the result of several extended improvisational jam sessions in Vienna and Brooklyn in which both artists would play off of each other in the studio. Accordingly, each of the three tracks have a slight aleatory air about them, as though both artists are being led down an unforeseen musical path, not entirely certain of where it leads. This culminates in Delmenium, the record’s B-side, a true techno journey, featuring an emotional, metallic synthesizer coruscating against a melancholy background.“I like to think what we make sounds simultaneously like both of us and neither of us. We both push each other in different ways,” Haslam says, recounting their production process. Auvinen adds that “[Collaboration] offers a chance to hear from someone else’s perspective. Working with others, I’m often reminded of how radically different the way people hear things, and relate to them in a musical context, can be.”

Tin Man

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Tin Man is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Over the last decade now the man born Johannes Auvinen has explored an ever evolving sound palette that touches on house, techno and ambient. Much like his namesake’s character in the Wizard of Oz, he has been on a mission to find his true self, except this Tin Man’s medium has been music. Most recently the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of real Roland 303s. His tracks have been laced with slow and subtly shifting patterns that are infused with a very real machine soul and exude captivating warmth. The finest proof of this yet was his slowly unfolding and tender LP, Neo Neo Acid on Absurd: it was his sixth full length to date and was arguably his most coherent and comprehensive work.

Gunnar Haslam

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It's hard to think of a record label in the past few years that has charted success quite like New York's L.I.E.S. Yes the trusted institutions like Delsin, Rush Hour and Clone have continued to go from strength to strength, but when you consider that L.I.E.S. Is still very much the new kid on the block and add to that equation that the majority of their signings have never appeared elsewhere, it speaks volumes about how well the label is doing. Gunnar Haslam is one such signing, coming to attention with his Mimesiak LP released in July of this year, the collection of rude, often experimental tracks harnessed perfectly the ethos of the label. As impressive as the long player was, his just-released follow up EP for LWE editor Steve Mizek's Argot label revealed that the producer is learning on the job; the three tracks that make up the Bera Range EP showing a marked evolution in his abilities. Without any real information on Haslam, LWE sought to unearth some vital facts about the New Yorker and charged him with putting together our 186th exclusive podcast. The resulting mix is 85 minutes of top notch techno that reflects both the dance floor and more cerebral sides of Haslam and is a vital listen no matter what your personal preference is.

Rush Plus

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Rush Plus is the combination of friends and collaborators, Jackson Ryland & Jus Nowhere with a slant toward experimental, driving techno.


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Ethyène is a producer, DJ and label manager from Lyon in France. At the age of 23 he’s doing fantastically well in the studio, producing enchanting House Music finding its roots in the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Manchester. Born in 1993, Ethyène started producing at the age of 16 and became resident dj the collective Artjacking France at the same year. Shaped by digging the whole different sounds of black music, Ethyène's productions reflect a mature, well influenced but always very personal approach of House Music. The young producer's career took on a new lease of life with the co-founding of the record label Moonrise Hill Material in 2015 and a bunch of new releases on some cool imprints such as Roots For Bloom, Kyoku Records and MHM ... No doubt that the best is yet to come for him.


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Coyoti is a co-founder of the east coast Freeform Arts Festival and owner/operator of the Blackbird Art Car and 30,000w Blackbird Soundsystem. A perfectionist selector, he is a veteran connoisseur of Deep and Tech House. Coyoti currently has an independently released 13 track multi genre album called "Earth and Asphalt." Life can be poisonous, Here is the antidote. Coyoti has been booked to play some of the most unique events in Philadelphia, New York City, D.C. , Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Within his first year, he played 8 Music festivals across the united states, including Disorient's Geodesic Temple at 2:00 and Esplanade at Burning Man. He has multiple international performances under his belt in Dubai UAE, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Portugal.