Flash & Loop present: YokOo

Saturday, March 25, 2017

  • YokOo ( All Day I Dream | Berlin )
  • Raffi ( Loop | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Kochi (WTF?! Radio | DC )
  • Ramirez ( Slope Traxx, Playlist | DC )

  • Flash Bar:
  • DJ Heather Femia ( NightFlight | DC )
  • Wade Hammes ( NightFlight | DC )
  • OAMR ( NightFlight | DC )

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YokoO's work carries with it a certain dream-like quality that envelops the listener and doesn't let go. A staple of ever-popular labels like All Day I Dream and Get Physical, his intuitive sense of what the dance floor craves is more than apparent both as a producer and a DJ. We welcome him in conjunction with D.C.'s Loop to take control of our main room.


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YokoO is no stranger to house music in all its deepest forms. A studio head in the true sense of the word, he spends much of his time pondering basslines and warm synth riffs that heat up dancefloors the world over. With releases on highly regarded labels such as Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Moodmusic, Plastic City and Kina Music, YokoO has marked out a spot for himself in the global house music scene with talent being sought after from every corner of the world.His musical intuition drives his production and his full groove based approach to seductive house music turns heads of many a label boss from Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge no less. As well racking up plays from industry reference artists, YokoO's music has proven time and time again it can reach the record bags of the DJing elite in every continent.As a DJ, YokoO embraces the dancefloor with a dynamic and honest approach sparking it up with forward thinking music every time. When you see him play, you can see a genuine love for what he is doing and that naturally feeds back to his audience, fuelling energy and the fever of the dancefloor. The warm melodies work with the heavy basslines to create a unique sound that is deep but still pumping enough to get a party started . . . and going way passed sunrise.With a prolific and impressive discography, YokoO has made his mark on noteworthy labels to date with both original releases and a back catalogue of strong remixes. His latest batch of unreleased productions is an intense gathering of melodies, working with a defined sense of groove and depth designed for the dancefloor and beyond.


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Party boat captain and head of Loop, a network of like-minded people who are constantly searching for the better entertainment alternative. Our mission is to provide access to these alternatives for those who have an interest in expanding their social horizons through electronic music. We aim to bring together individuals with various perspectives and backgrounds in different types of settings. Loop invites you to step out of your comfort zone and experience the next level shit.Loop was established by a group of young electronic music enthusiasts from Washington, DC. After traveling the world and further exploring their passion for underground music, they decided to promote this phenomenon to their friends back home. The first Loop party was hosted in College Park, MD in 2011 in an abandoned house where hundreds of people showed up to experience something new. At that time this type of gathering was unheard of in a college setting. These parties continued week to week becoming increasingly popular. Loop expanded its parties into warehouses, boats, and other unique spaces in Washington, DC and Baltimore, where a majority of the events currently take place.


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DJ Kochi has devoted himself to spinning house music for more than a decade. His signature sound of funky style house with clean mixing and smooth transition has earned him many gigs and moved many souls on the dance floor.Born in Bangladesh, DJ Kochi grew up listening to 70's and 80's pop music by tuning into BBC radio. When he moved to the States in 1991, DJ Kochi was exposed to many more styles of music. He then gained an interest in genres such as euro club, trance, techno, jungle, drum and bass, break beats, funky breaks, alternative, grunge, and, of course, house music. In the mid 90's, DJ Kochi immersed himself in the underground electronic scene by regularly attending dance music festivals and club events. Moved by the electronic music culture, and influenced and inspired by great artists, DJ Kochi quickly gained a deep interest in DJing. In the late 90's, in his first appearance in front of a live crowd, DJ Kochi won a DJ competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This opened the door for him and earned him gigs all over Virginia and in the DC area. It also gave him the opportunity to open for great talents.Today, DJ Kochi's music career continues to rise with co-hosting weekly radio shows on Sugar Shack Recordings and performing at many dance scene events. His playlist covers different house sub-genres. In the near future, Dj Kochi looks forward to spending more time remixing some of his favorite tracks and producing funky tunes of his own.

DJ Heather Femia

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As the Corporate Fashion Director for Nordstrom, Heathercreated soundtracks to designer fashion events across the country. Taking in the nightlife in great fashion cities was part of the job. Currently, trips to Ibiza, Spain, continue to fuel a love of dance music, as well as the chillout genre the island is known for. Heather has been responsible for the musical backdrop to high profile parties, in dramatic spaces, such as the Air & Space Museum in DC and Grand Central Station in NY. Every event and client recieves a custom programmed playlist. Spinning in distinguished underground haunts insures her sets remain fresh and relevant. Her style proudly spans genres, crosses cultures, and always embraces the disco roots dance music sprang from.