Hot Flash: Flash meets Hot Mass in DC

Friday, March 17, 2017

  • Paul Fleetwood ( Hot Mass/ The Black Box | Denver )
  • Aaron Clark ( Hot Mass/ Honcho/ Humanaut | Pittsburgh )
  • Navbox ( Flash/ Stranger Than Paradise | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Tony Fairchild ( Hot Mass/ Humanaut | Pittsburgh )
  • Naeem Martinez ( Hot Mass/ Detour | Pittsburgh )
  • Throe ( Flash | DC )

  • FlashBar:
  • George d'Adhemar ( Hot Mass/ Honcho | Pittsburgh )
  • Jarrett Tebbets ( Hot Mass/ Cold Cuts | Pittsburgh )
  • Solomon Sanchez ( Flash | DC )

Flash Nightclub

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What began in early 2012 as a one-off afterhours party quickly burst into a world-renowned underground hot spot (almost) overnight. Every Saturday, floor two of the gay bathhouse known as Club Pittsburgh becomes Hot Mass.

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome six Hot Mass residents, in conjunction with our own delegation and representing each of the four monthlies hosted there: Humanaut, Honcho, DETOUR and Cold Cuts. Without hyperbole, Hot Mass is one of the best parties in the United States and we are excited to share this energy with you all.

Paul Fleetwood

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Tempered by years of sweat in the US rave and club circuit, Paul has earned himself a great deal of respect for his proficiency and versatility as a DJ. Now perhaps most widely known as co-founder and resident of Pittsburgh's renowned Hot Mass nightlife co-op, Paul’s knack at threading the needle through classic and contemporary variations of techno, electro, and synth-driven nostalgia have landed him a second DJ residency at The Black Box in Denver, Colorado.

Aaron Clark

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Spearheading Hot Mass’ foundation with Humanaut, in addition to co-founding Honcho (a gay male DJ/producer collective) it can be easy to forget the countless years of work he’s put in as a DJ. Warm, groovy, and appealing to both house and techno die hards, his experience and skill is immediately recognized.


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Navid Zahraie was born in Tehran.

Tony Fairchild


A founding member of Columbus’ Midwest Fresh warehouse party, Tony transplanted himself to Pittsburgh and joined Aaron & Paul in hosting Humanaut’s monthly residence at Hot Mass. Tony’s thoughtful curation of house and techno doesn't end behind the decks. At the end of 2016 he launched Is/Was, a record label dedicated to carrying the torch of Midwest dance music into the future.

Naeem Martinez

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Residing at the intersection of house and techno, Detour is a Pittsburgh collective and record label with Naeem seeing his own productions on their second vinyl release. Naeem is one of Pittsburgh’s freshest and most exciting young talents to call Hot Mass home base.


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Throe is the moniker of Washington D.C. based DJ Peter Kaufmann.A long time dance music aficionado, his skills as a selector are supported by a curiosity and plain passion that ignores rigid genre boundaries. A brief run through of past shows confirms this fact. He has served as both headlining talent and as an opener for a diverse array of respected dance music names including Leon Vynehall, Mathias Kaden, George Fitzgerald, Till Von Sein, Bambounou, Jeremy Underground, Jacques Greene, Norm Talley, Pangaea, and many others. With a knack for moving seamlessly between house, techno, and disco, his sets are additionally characterized by free-flowing energy and an organic combination of classic, current, and progressive sounds. He plays regularly throughout the D.C. area, taking control of the decks at globally recognized venues like Flash, U Street Music Hall, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and the Velvet Lounge. In addition to his years of experience DJing, he is the co-founder of #BODYFEEL -- a monthly showcase that has spotlighted cutting edge local & international dance music talent since its inception in 2014. Throe is currently represented by DC based BFF Bookings.

George d'Adhemar

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Coming of age in the DC’s rave days, George developed his own sound with the weekly left-field electronic night, FILLER. These varied influences are on display with an eclectic approach to his sets. Whether it’s sun-drenched disco, jackin’ house, or a journey into dark room techno his sound has found a home as a resident at the raucous all-nighter: Honcho.

Jarrett Tebbets

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Originally known as head selector and chef of Pittsburgh’s rowdy dance n’ snack party “Cured”, Jarrett is now also in charge of the Cold Cuts residency at Hot Mass. Responsible for every 4th Saturday, Jarrett has brought unique blend of house & disco to Pittsburgh. Previous guests include The Black Madonna, Tama Sumo, Kon, Rahaan, John Morales, Jamie 3:26, Zernell, Young Marco, Max Graef, Prosumer, Basic Soul Unit, and many more.

Solomon Sanchez